Another year down!

So here's the latest.

We had a baby.

His name is Owen Nathaniel.  Cozi loves him.

Cozi swam.

Introduced the newest cousins/best friends.

Cozi perfected cuteness. Which I suppose is ongoing. :)

We celebrated the Fourth. (Two kids is a little more challenging than one, but we're getting the hang of it!)

 Cozi turned two!

Her favorite present was "yips".

 She's my favorite daughter.

And he's my favorite son!


1 Year!

Hello everyone! We just celebrated Cozi's one year and Nate and my five year anniversary. The true celebration for our anniversary hasn't quite happened but we have some babysitters in town so probably this week! Anyway, here are some pics from the Fourth and Cozi's Very Hungry Caterpillar Extravaganza!

Cozi in her tutu.

The Haynie's and their favorite granddaughter or niece

Onsie courtesy of me and tutu courtesy of Auntie Becca

The fam.

Cozi and her favorite Haynie aunt

Eating the cake.

The decor

I'm patriotic!!

Back to the top

"Mommy! Don't you want some?!"


Growing and Growing!

Well as most babies do, Cozi is growing and growing! We are coming up on 4 months soon and it's crazy how quickly time passes when you are sleep deprived! Nate and I are continually surprised at what a wonderful child we have. There is no way we deserve it. But she is wonderful none the less! She is sleeping an average of about seven hours straight a night. She talks continuously (an unsurprising trait). She's beginning to reach for things. And Nate and I are getting wound more and more around her chubby little fingers! Some pictures for you to ogle.

Oh Hey!!!

Just getting comfy...

I shouldn't eat my fingers??

I kept trying to get a good pick of Cozi doing some tummy time but she was either spitting up or looking drugged. This is as good as it got!

Sorry for not turning the pic... Cozi on her beautiful quilt Grandma Haynie made!

On the adult side of things.... I'm working two days a week in the Springs for an awesome office. I'll begin working at an office here in town on the 29th. And then in January I'll be up to four days a week. Nate is working at the local Country Club. Luckily our work schedules alternate right now so one of us is always home for the Cozinater. We're still working on applications for med school prereq's. So we'll let everyone know what's going on when it happens!



Cozi's home!!

Cozette Michele Haynie was born 7.7.10 and 2:58pm. She was 6 lbs 15.6 oz and 17.5 inches long. I'd been supposing she would arrive on the seventh since her first ultrasound because the seventh was Nate and I's anniversary. So, a wonderful present but now we're sharing the day.

So quick synopsis. We made it to the hospital at about 1245. Got my epidural around 2ish and she arrived at 258. It was a very quick labor. Also, how do people deliver without an epidural! Having that epidural made it so I could truly be excited, not just wrapped up in my pain. She is a beautiful, and so far, calm baby girl. We're so grateful to have her here!

Right before we left the hospital

Nate and his baby girl.

Baby Cozi and I. Note the hospital gown...

Cozi and her best friend, Jude.

First family photo.


Wherefore art thou, Baby??

Alright already! My due date may be the ninth but I think I've been ready for this baby since the middle of June! I've done everything on my check list...

1. Get an awesome tan.

2. Get an awesome pedicure.

3. Have sister do awesome henna on my belly.

4. Purchase awesome maternity hospital gown!

5. Make sure my baby has the most awesome threads to wear home from the hospital.

Now my only question is, Where is she!!!


Prepping for Baby

This is the story of the rocking chair. One day my mom (Dawnelle Haynie) called me up and asked me if I would like the oak rocking chair that she received from her parents (Grandma & Grandpa Hise) when she had her last child (my brother Kenneth). My mom said that Vicky Allen had it and didn't need it anymore and asked if Olivia and I would want it for our new "bundle-O-joy" that is on her way (July 9th). I said, "Not sure." Olivia said, "Umm... yes. Are you kidding me?" That was the beginning of Olivia's nesting phase which was also the beginning of MY restoration project. Enjoy. Let me know how ya'll think it turned out.
IT needed Lots of sanding...
Like I said... LOTS.

How does it look??